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G. Michael Wall

Senior Director Pharmaceutical Development
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Sound Pharmaceuticals
United States of America


Dr. Wall is an accomplished leader in specialty pharmaceuticals, best exemplified by his successes while at Alcon Laboratories where he launched their Otolaryngology R&D efforts. Dr. Wall led the development and commercialization of Ciprodex® Otic Suspension for the treatment of acute otitis externa and acute otitis media in patients with tympanostomy tubes which remains the #1 eardrop prescribed by otolaryngologists and pediatricians in the U.S. He also led the development and commercialization of Patanase® Nasal Spray for the treatment of allergic rhinitis in children (including pediatric exclusivity) and adults (#1 intranasal antihistamine prescribed by U.S. pediatricians). Further, he led development for other otic products such as XTORO® and formulation improvements for CIPRO® HC, and significantly contributed to development of ophthalmic products such as AZOPT®, BETOPTIC® S, CILOXAN®, IOPIDINE®, PATADAY®, PATANOL®, TRAVATAN®, VEXOL® and VIGAMOX®. He has directed the conduct of over 40 clinical trials, phase 1-4. Dr. Wall earned his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy and has completed Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. (Trademarks are property of their owners.)

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