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Michael Buhnerkempe

Assistant Professor
Southern Illinois University
United States of America


B.S. in Integrative Biology and Statistics from the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, Illinois:, M.S. in Statistics from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado:, Ph.D. in Zoology from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado Fellowship: RAPIDD Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD - 2013-Present:, Regular Fellowship, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fort Collins, CO 2008-2009:, Graduate Fellowship, NSF IGERT – Program for Interdisciplinary, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO - 2007-2008

Research Interest

As a biostatistician and member of the Clinical Translational Science Group, my research focuses on the development and application of cutting edge statistical and mathematical tools to clinical data. Specifically, I aim to provide robust, quantitative tools that can be used to aid in clinical decision making both in terms of identifying the most effective treatment options as well as targeting patient populations for care. This research is highly collaborative and involves contributions from clinicians, research scientists, IT professionals, and statisticians. Although my research centers on hypertension, as a faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine, my work spans a number of clinical specialties and also includes consulting on research design, data collection and management, and analysis issues.


  • Portacci, K., R.S. Miller, P.D. Riggs, M.G. Buhnerkempe, and L.M. Abrahamsen. 2013. Assessment of paper interstate certificates of veterinary inspection to support disease tracing in cattle. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 243: 555-560.

  • Buhnerkempe, M.G., D.A. Grear, K. Portacci, R.S. Miller, J.E. Lombard, and C.T. Webb. 2013. A national-scale picture of U.S. cattle movements obtained from Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection data. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 112: 318-329

  • Buhnerkempe, M.G., M.J. Tildesley, T. Lindström, D.A. Grear, K. Portacci, R.S. Miller, J. Lombard, M. Werkman, M.J. Keeling, U. Wennergren, and C.T. Webb. 2014. The impact of movements and animal density on continental scale cattle disease outbreaks in the United States. PLoS ONE 9: e91724

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