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Michael Eisenberg

Assistant Professor
Department of Urology
Stanford University School of Medicine
United States of America


Michael Eisenberg is Assistant Professor of the Department of Urology. His clinical focus include Urology, Infertility, Male, Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health, Hypogonadism, Peyronie's Disease, Sexual Dysfunction, Physiological.

Research Interest

Research efforts include surgical innovation, epidemiologic studies, and basic science discoveries to improve the treatments, outcomes, and lives of infertile men.


  • Lamberts R W, Guo D P, Li S, Eisenberg M L (2017) The Relationship Between Offspring Sex Ratio and Vasectomy Utilization. UROLOGY 103: 112-116.

  • Eisenberg M L, Lipshultz L I (2010) Estimating the Number of Vasectomies Performed Annually in the United States: Data From the National Survey of Family Growth. JOURNAL OF UROLOGY 184(5): 2068-2072.

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