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Bianxiao Cui

Associate Professor
Chemistry department
Stanford University
United States of America


Bianxiao Cui is the Professor of Stanford University under the Department of Chemistry.

Research Interest

Bianxiao Cui research interests include long-range signal propagation in axons and its implications in neurodegenerative disease. Methods of interest include live imaging of vesicular transport, magnetic and optical manipulation of axonal traffic, single-molecule fluorescence imaging, photo-lithography, electrophysiological recordings and a microfluidic neuronal platform for studying axonal transport.


  • Hanson L, Zhao W, Lou, Lin HY, Cui B et al. (2015) Vertical nanopillars for in situ probing of nuclear mechanics in adherent cells Nature Nanotechnology 10: 554–562.

  • Xie C, Lin Z, Hanson L, Cui Y, Cui B (2012) Intracellular recording of action potentials by nanopillar electroporation NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 7: 185–190.

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