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Cheryl Gore-felton

Psych/Public Mental Health & Population Sciences
Stanford University
United States of America

Cheryl Gore-felton


Dr. Cheryl Gore-Felton is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (General Psychiatry and Psychology-Adult) at the Stanford University Medical Center.

Research Interest

Her clinical focus is the treatment of anxiety disorders, including post traumatic stress disorder.Her research focuses on developing effective psychotherapy interventions to reduce chronic stress as well as enhance positive health behaviors to reduce morbidity and mortality among patients coping with chronic, medical illnesses which are often life threatening.


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  • The Impact of Stigma and Social Support on Development of Post-traumatic Growth Among Persons Living with HIV JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY IN MEDICAL SETTINGS Kamen, C., Vorasarun, C., Canning, T., Kienitz, E., Weiss, C., Flores, S., Etter, D., Lee, S., Gore-Felton, C. 2016; 23 (2): 126-134

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