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Hyowon Gweon

Assistant Professor
Stanford University
United States of America


Dr. Hyowon Gweon is broadly interested in the human ability to reason about others, learn from others, and inform others in communicative contexts. How do one construct rich, abstract theories about how the world works from ones everyday experiences that often involve other people, and how do one communicate what they know to others?

Research Interest

Her research brings together various approaches -- primarily developmental, computational, and neuroimaging methods -- aiming to provide a unified description of the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie the representations and inferential processes that allow us to learn about the world, and to communicate what we know.


  • Gweon H, Pelton H, Konopka JA, Schulz LE (2014) Sins of omission: children selectively explore when teachers are under-informative. Cognition 132: 335-341

  • Jara-Ettinger J, Gweon H, Tenenbaum JB, Schulz LE (2015) Children's understanding of the costs and rewards underlying rational action. Cognition 140: 14-23

  • Shneidman L, Gweon H, Schulz LE, Woodward AL (2016) Learning From Others and Spontaneous Exploration: A Cross-Cultural Investigation.Child Dev 87: 723-735

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