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Jean Y. Tang

Associate Professor
Stanford University
United States of America


Jean Tang, M.D., Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Dermatology. Dr Tang's research focuses on genetic skin diseases such as Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome and Epidermolysis Bullosa clinical trials. She studies new ways to treat and prevent NSMC and melanoma, and the relationship between sun protection and vitamin D. She conducts preclinical studies in mice, clinical trials in high risk patients and also conducts secondary data analysis using large national datasets. Dr. Tang has led or co-led the conduct and completion of 4 investigator initiated clinical trials with 3 trials focused on BCC cancer treatment and/or prevention. She received her MD/PhD from Stanford, completed her dermatology residency at Stanford, and then went to UCSF for a 3 year post-doc in mouse genetics, while simultaneously pursuing formal coursework in biostatistics, epidemiology, and clinical trial design in the KL2 CTSI program.

Research Interest

Cancer > Cutaneous (Dermatologic) Oncology, Skin Cancer, Epidemiology, Clinical Trial, Dermatology, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Non-melanoma skin cancer, Cancer Prevention and Control.


  • Jaju PD, Ransohoff KJ, Tang JY, Sarin KY (2016) Familial skin cancer syndromes Increased risk of nonmelanotic skin cancers and extracutaneous tumors JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY 74: 437-451.

  • Ransohoff KJ, Tang JY, Sarin KY (2015) Squamous Change in Basal-Cell Carcinoma with Drug Resistance. New England journal of medicine 373: 1079-1082

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