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Justin L. Sonnenburg

Associate Professor
Microbiology & Immunology
Stanford University
United States of America


He is working as Associate Professor Microbiology & Immunology stanford University. Member of Bio-X and Faculty Fellow of Stanford ChEM-H.

Research Interest

We are interested in the basic principles that govern interactions within the intestinal microbiota and between the microbiota and the host. To pursue these aims, we colonize germ-free (gnotobiotic) mice with simplified, model microbial communities, apply systems approaches (e.g. functional genomics), and use genetic tools for the host and microbes to gain mechanistic insight into emergent properties of the host-microbial super-organism.


  • Sonnenburg ED, Smits SA, Tikhonov M, Higginbottom SK, Sonnenburg JL (2016) Diet-induced extinctions in the gut microbiota compound over generations. Nature 529: 212-215.

  • Sonnenburg ED, Sonnenburg JL (2014) Starving our Microbial Self: The Deleterious Consequences of a Diet Deficient in Microbiota-Accessible Carbohydrates. CELL METABOLISM 20: 779-786.

  • Sonnenburg JL, Backhed F (2016) Diet-microbiota interactions as moderators of human metabolism. NATURE 535: 56-64.

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