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Michael Frank

Associate Professor
Stanford University
United States of America


Dr. Michael Frank says "How do we learn to communicate using language? I study children's language learning and how it interacts with their developing understanding of the social world". He teaches Lab in Experimental Methods at Stanford University

Research Interest

He use behavioral experiments, computational tools, and novel measurement methods like large-scale web-based studies, eye-tracking, and head-mounted cameras.


  • Frank MC, Goodman ND (2012) Predicting pragmatic reasoning in language games.Science 336: 998

  • Frank MC, Braginsky M, Yurovsky D, Marchman VA (2017) Wordbank: an open repository for developmental vocabulary data.J Child Lang 44:677-694

  • Goodman ND, Frank MC (2016) Pragmatic Language Interpretation as Probabilistic Inference.Trends Cogn Sci 20:818-829.

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