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Paul Hoerbelt

Postdoctoral Scholar
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University
United States of America


Dr. Paul Hoerbelt is Postdoctoral Scholar at Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He have a strong interest in the biophysics and pharmacology of GABA type A receptors and how signaling at these receptors modulates brain circuitry. He primarily use optogenetics, electrophysiology, and rodent behavioral assays to address critical questions in these areas.

Research Interest

He is broadly interested in understanding how neuromodulatory systems (particularly those that use dopamine) govern long-term changes in neural signaling, anxiety behaviors, and reward-associated behaviors.


  • Dopamine Directly Modulates GABA(A) Receptors JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE Hoerbelt, P., Lindsley, T. A., Fleck, M. W. 2015; 35 (8): 3525-3536

  • Mutagenesis and computational docking studies support the existence of a histamine binding site at the extracellular beta 3+beta 3-interface of homooligomeric beta 3 GABA(A) receptors NEUROPHARMACOLOGY Hoerbelt, P., Ramerstorfer, J., Ernst, M., Sieghart, W., Thomson, J. L., Hough, L. B., Fleck, M. W. 2016; 108: 252-263

  • Rabies screen reveals GPe control of cocaine-triggered plasticity. Nature Beier, K. T., Kim, C. K., Hoerbelt, P., Hung, L. W., Heifets, B. D., DeLoach, K. E., Mosca, T. J., Neuner, S., Deisseroth, K., Luo, L., Malenka, R. C. 2017

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