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Steven G. Boxer

Chemistry department
Stanford University
United States of America


Steven G. Boxer is the Professor of Stanford University under the Department of Chemistry.

Research Interest

Steven G. Boxer research interests lie in haracterization of membrane organization, domains and protein associations using a novel type of imaging mass spectrometry, models for membrane fusion and investigations into the fusion of enveloped viruses to their target membrane, development of tethered lipid bilayers as a platform to study membrane domains, junction topology, vesicle fusion and enveloped virus fusion.


  • Hughes LD, Rawle RJ, & Boxer SG (2014) Choose your label wisely water-soluble fluorophores often interact with lipid bilayers PloS One p: 9.

  • Levinson NM, Boxer SG (2014) A conserved water-mediated hydrogen bond network defines bosutinibs kinase selectivity Nature Chemical Biology 10: 127–132.

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