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Delphine Prevote Pinet

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Stetson University
United States of America


Dr. Delphine Prevote Pinet was born and grew up in France. Her major was Physics Chemistry. She obtained her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in Toulouse, South of France at the University Paul Sabatier. She moved to the US with her family early this year. Her PhD was focused on the synthesis and the reactivity of the phosphorus-based macromolecules called " dendrimers ". She was part of the pioneer team synthesizing the phosphorus dendrimers worldwide. Her primary research interest is focused on the various applications linked with the dendrimers. Dr. Prevote'vôte' Pinet has a strong teaching experience in general chemistry, physic-chemistry and organic chemistry. She is really keen on teaching especially for students starting university in order to explain them chemistry basis supported by many practical exercises. Also, she particularly enjoys supervising master and/or Ph.D. students, more specifically, helping them finding new ways of synthesizing new molecules and developing their own research abilities. She enjoys traveling, cooking and the Floridian lifestyle.

Research Interest

Phosphorus Dendrimers - biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, nanotechnology


  • Prevote Pinet D (1997)Application of the Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons Reaction to the Functionalization of Dendrimers: Synthesis of Amino Acid Terminated Dendrimers. Pre'vĂ´te' D.; Le Roy-Gourvenec S.; Caminade A.M; Masson S. and Majoral JP. Synthesis: 1199.

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