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Harry Price

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Stetson University
United States of America


During his tenure as a graduate student, Harry Price specialized in an area of physical biochemistry focusing on the interactions of carcinogens with DNA and how the structure of DNA influences these interactions. After receiving his Ph.D., he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University where he conducted biomedical research that focused on the development of drug resistance in organisms known as trypanosomes. Since 1995, he has taught chemistry and biochemistry courses at the university level and is currently an associate professor in the chemistry department. When not teaching, or supervising student research, Harry enjoys playing music, cooking, traveling and relaxing with friends and family.

Research Interest

Computational chemistry of biological molecules and reactive chemical species, Spectroscopic analysis of biomolecular and cellular systems, Biochemistry of microbial growth as applied to biofilms, biofuel cells, and fermentation


  • Lewis CT, and Price HL (2008) "Fluorescence-Based Kinetic Analysis of the Interaction between Avidin and Singlet Oxygen Damaged Lambda Phage DNA." Journal of Young Investigators: 19.

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