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Ryan Mccleary

Brown Visiting Teacher Scholar Fellow in Biology
Brown Visiting Teacher Scholar Fellow in Biology
Stetson University
United States of America


Ryan McCleary has been captivated by reptiles (especially snakes) and amphibians since a very early age. This fascination has led him to study snakes at many different levels, from characterizing proteins in venoms to examining the ecology of snake assemblages, in different areas of the world--from the swamps of Florida to the mangroves of Singapore. Specifically, McCleary is interested in the evolution of venom in snakes and in understanding its complexity at various levels of biological organization. He does this utilizing field studies and various laboratory "-omics" technologies.

Research Interest

Introductory Biology, Biostatistics


  • Choudhury, M, RJR McCleary, M Kesherwani, RM Kini, and D Velmurugan. (2017) Comparison of proteomic profiles of the venoms of two of the 'Big Four' snakes of India, the Indian cobra (Naja naja) and the common krait (Bungarus caeruleus), and analyses of their toxins. Toxicon 135: 33-42.

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