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Adeniyi Lawal

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Stevens Institute of Technology
United States of America


Adeniyi Lawal is a Professor of Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Steven's Institute of Technology.

Research Interest

Thermochemical conversion of biomass waste to transportation fuels via pyrolysis, Algae growth and oil extraction, Hydrodeoxygenation of Algae and Pyrolysis Oils (bio-oils), Autothermal reforming of pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis vapors to synthesis gas, Microchemical systems analysis, design and evaluation with applications in chemical synthesis. Catalysis. Process intensification. He is the PI for 2 BETO-funded projects on renewable energy, (the more recent being the development of Pt-based bimetallic monolith catalyst for hydrotreating algal oil), 1 OSD, DoD contract on biomass waste conversion to liquid fuels for national security, and currently a Co-PI on a CEED contract to utilize Army’s munitions waste stream for algae growth. He was also the PI for 2 DOE-ITP sponsored 5-year projects on application of microreactor technology to chemical synthesis.


  • Manganaro JL, Lawal A (2012) Economics of thermochemical conversion of crop residue to liquid transportation fuel. Energy & fuels 26: 2442-2453.

  • Manganaro J, Chen B, Adeosun J, Lakhapatri S, Favetta D, et al.(2011) Conversion of residual biomass into liquid transportation fuel: an energy analysis. Energy & Fuels 25: 2711-2720.

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