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Fei Tian

Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology
United States of America

Fei Tian


Fei Tan is an Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Research Interest

Research in the Interface of Photonics and Functional Nanomaterials at Multi-Length Scales; Specialty Optical Fiber as Integrated Microreactor/Sensor Test-Bed for Chemical and Biological Sensing, Stimuli-Responsive Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer Assembly and Controlled Drug Release


  • Chen H, Tian F, Kanka J, Du H (2015) A scalable pathway to nanostructured sapphire optical fiber for evanescent-field sensing and beyond. Applied Physics Letters 106: 111102.

  • Chen H, Tian F, Liu K, Kanka J, Du H (2016) Strategy and method for nanoporous cladding formation on silica optical fiber. Optics letters 41: 2831-2834.

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