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Keith Sheppard

School of Engineering and Science
Stevens Institute of Technology
United States of America


As Associate Dean, Professor Sheppard is responsible for enhancing the School's undergraduate education environment, with particular emphasis on the core curricula in the engineering and sciences undergraduate programs. In addition, Dean Sheppard is responsible for educational assessment; the development and implementation of programs to improve teaching effectiveness; and initiatives in undergraduate research opportunities and international experiences. He has helped develop and coordinate the innovative eight-semester design course sequence known as the Design Spine.

Research Interest

Professor Sheppard's research interests have focused on electrochemical aspects of materials, primarily electrodeposition and corrosion.


  • Sheppard K, Zagrai A, Donskoy D (2007) A non-linear acoustic, vibro-modulation technique for the detection and monitoring of contact-type defects, including those associated with corrosion. Corrosion Reviews 25: 81-96.

  • Jeong C, Lee J, Sheppard K, Choi CH (2015) Air-impregnated nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide layers for enhancing the corrosion resistance of aluminum. Langmuir 31: 11040-11050.

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