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Paul M. Bingham

Associate Professor
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Stony Brook University
United States of America

Paul M. Bingham


Paul M. Bingham joined as Professor of Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,The Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

Research Interest

After completing a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Harvard in 1980, Paul spent two years at the NIH branch in Research Triangle Park before jointing the faculty of the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University where he has worked for the last 29 years. Paul’s research interests are diverse. His early work focused on metazoan molecular genetics. Among his many contributions are discovery of the P element transposon (in collaboration with Margaret Kidwell and Gerry Rubin; Bingham, et al., 1982), development of the P element transposon tagging cloning strategy (in collaboration with Arno Greenleaf; Searles, et al., 1982) discovery of novel mechanisms of transcriptional enhancer function (in collaboration with Zuzana Zachar; Bingham and Zachar, 1985), discovery of novel forms of post-transcriptional regulation (in collaboration with Tze-bin Chou, Zuzana Zachar and Debbie Spikes; Chou, et al., 1987; Zachar, et al., 1987; Spikes, et al., 1994) and discovery of fundamental mechanisms of intra-nuclear molecular transport (in collaboration with Joe Kramer and Zuzana Zachar; Zachar, et al., 1993). In recognition of his diverse research and service contributions, Paul received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Blackburn College, in May of 2006.

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