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Zuzana Zachar

Assistant Professor
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Stony Brook University
United States of America

Zuzana Zachar


Zuzana Zachar joined as Professor of Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,The Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

Research Interest

Dr. Zachar has a dual appointment with Institute for STEM Education (I-STEM) and with the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. She is the Director of the Masters in Teaching Biology Program for I-STEM and heads a research laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. As an educator, Dr. Zachar has developed and teaches several courses in the MAT Biology Program and serves as the academic advisor to all members of the program. As a scientist, Dr. Zachar has many significant publications in transposon biology, regulation of alternative splicing of mRNA and nuclear architecture. Ten years ago she moved into the field cancer chemotherapy which led to the discovery of novel drugs to treat cancer (in collaboration with Dr. Paul Bingham). The lead compound of these drugs is now in clinical trials. Zachar has received several honors and awards including being named an American Fellow of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

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