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Brian Conley

Associate Professor
Department of Government
Suffolk University
United States of America


Brian Conley, PhD is an Associate Professor  and Director of the Graduate Program in Political Science in the Department of Government

Research Interest

American Politics, Political Parties and Party Systems, Political Marketing and Branding, Research, Methods, Public Policy, Social Movement Theory and Practice


  • 2014 Conley, Brian. M “Political Parties.” Encyclopedia of American Political Culture. (Submitted May 2013). (Forthcoming, 2014).

  • 2014 Conley, Brian. M. “Does Obama Care?: Assessing the Delivery of Health Reform in the United States.” In Political Marketing in the United States, ed. Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Kenneth Cosgrove and Brian Conley. New York: Routledge. (January 2014).

  • 2014 Lees-Marshment, Jennifer, Kenneth Cosgrove and Brian M. Conley, eds. Political Marketing in the United States. New York: Routledge. (January 2014).

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