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James Mcguire

Summit Engineering Corporation
United States of America


 Jim McGuire is a Survey Project Manager and GIS Specialist. He utilizes his 30 years of experience to oversee primarily boundary-related projects, including ALTA Surveys, Parcel Maps, Records of Survey and Boundary Line Adjustments. His responsibilities include preparing final maps, writing legal descriptions, field crew note reductions, survey calculations, cost estimating, project administration, client contact, proposals, billing and other duties associated with surveying projects. As GIS Specialist, Jim is responsible for all GIS mapping projects undertaken by the company. Working exclusively with Trimble GIS-grade GPS equipment for field collection and ESRI ArcGIS software for map production and analysis, his duties include project planning, GPS data collection and post-processing, ESRI geodatabase development, and the preparation of GIS maps, displays, and reports.    

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