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Richard Kollmar

Associate Professor
Cell Biology
Suny Downstate Medical Center
United States of America


Richard Kollmar is currently working as an Associate Professor of Cell Biology in Suny Downstate Medical Center.

Research Interest

Morphogenesis and Regeneration in the Inner Ear


  • Kang YJ, Stevenson AK, Yau PM, Kollmar R (2008) Sparc Protein Is Required for Normal Growth of Zebrafish Otoliths. J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 9: 436-451.

  • Shah SM, Kang YJ, Christensen BL, Feng AS, Kollmar R (2009) Expression of Wnt Receptors in Adult Spiral Ganglion Neurons: Frizzled 9 Localization at Growth Cones of Regenerating Neurites. Neuroscience 164: 478-487.

  • Shah SM, Patel CH, Feng AS, Kollmar R (2013) Lithium alters the morphology of neurites regenerating from cultured adult spiral ganglion neurons. Hear Res 304: 137-144.

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