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Sage Wiener

Director of Medical Toxicology
Department of Emergency Medicine
Suny Downstate Medical Center
United States of America


Sage Wiener is Director of Medical Toxicology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, United States of America.

Research Interest

Toxic Alcohols, Cocaine Toxicity, Chemical Weapons, Toxicology Education


  • Wiener SW, Nelson LS (2004) Chapter 22: Incapacitating Agents. In: Roy MJ, ed., Physician's Guide To Terrorist Attack. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press Inc.

  • Wiener SW, Liu S, Nelson LS, Hoffman RS (2004) Nutropin or Neupogen? A medication error resulting in leukocytosis (letter).Annals of Pharmacotherapy 38: 721.

  • Wiener SW, Hoffman RS (2004) Nerve agents: a comprehensive review. Journal of Intensive Care Medicine 19: 22-37.

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