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Shahriar Zehtabchi

Professor & Vice Chairman
Department of Emergency Medicine
Suny Downstate Medical Center
United States of America


Shahriar Zehtabchi is Research Professor in the department of Emergency Medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, United States of America.

Research Interest

Research (Trauma, Hemorrhagic Shock, and evidence-based medicine) SUNY KCHC


  • Zehtabchi S, Brandler ES (2008) Does this patient have congestive heart failure? Ann Emerg Med51: 87-90.

  • Zehtabchi S, Wright B. Does this emergency department patient with headache require neuroimaging? Ann Emerg Med . 1(3):3 24-326.

  • Secko M, Zehtabchi S (2008)Complicated Diffuse Lipomatosis Mimiking Ascites. Am J Emerg Med. 26: 379

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