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Jamie Reilly

Associate Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Temple University
United States of America

Jamie Reilly


Jamie Reilly is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Temple University. He previously taught at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). Jamie's undergraduate training was in Linguistics and Russian at Tulane University. After a stint teaching English in South Korea, Jamie returned to graduate school and completed a clinical Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology where he then grew interested in memory disorders. He subsequently completed a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology (Temple) followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Pennsylvania). Dr. Reilly is the director of the Memory, Cognition, & Concepts Laboratory. The lab's research is funded by grants from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders (NIH/NIDCD).

Research Interest

His Current research include Predicting trajectories of language dropout in Alzheimer's Disease and PPA, Semantic memory and verbal access to encyclopedic knowledge, Representation of symbolic knowledge in aphasia, Non-verbal semantic impairments in stroke aphasia, Neural basis for profanity and lexical evolution of profanity, Pupillometry, psychophysics, and modeling of visual imagery,High dimensional semantic modeling of bilingual semantic memory, Abstract word representation, acquisition, and impairment (e.g., trust, love, justice) and Effects of eye gaze on spatial verbal fluency (e.g., looking patterns for naming cities from memory).


  • Crutch SJ, Troche J, Reilly J, Ridgway G (2013) Abstract conceptual feature ratings: the role of emotion, magnitude and other cognitive domains in the organization of abstract conceptual knowledge. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 7:186. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2013.00186.

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