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Graciela S. Cabana

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
Tennessee State University
United States of America


Dr.Graciela S. Cabana has completed PhD in Anthropology from University of Michigan and presently working as Associate Professor at  University of Tennessee, USA  

Research Interest

Molecular anthropology (ancient DNA), bioarchaeology, identity, migration theory, Americas  


  • Cabana GS, Hunley K, Kaestle FA. Population continuity or replacement? A novel computer simulation approach and its application to the Numic expansion (western Great Basin, USA). American journal of physical anthropology. 2008 Apr 1;135(4):438-47.

  • Valentine B. More than Origins: Refining Migration in. A Companion to South Asia in the Past. 2016 Apr 13;31:187.

  • Cabana G, Clark JJ. Introduction. Migration in anthropology: where we stand. Rethinking Anthropological Perspectives on Migration. 2011:3-15.

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