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Joseph Bailey

Associate Professor
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Tennessee State University
United States of America


Dr.Joseph Bailey has completed his PhD in 2003 from Northern Arizona University and presently working as Associate Professor at  University of Tennessee.  

Research Interest

 Plant-animal interactions, evolutionary ecology


  • Bailey JK, Wooley SC, Lindroth RL, Whitham TG. Importance of species interactions to community heritability: a genetic basis to trophic‐level interactions. Ecology letters. 2006 Jan 1;9(1):78-85.

  • Bailey JK, Irschick DJ, Schweitzer JA, Rehill BJ, Lindroth RL, Whitham TG. Selective herbivory by elk results in rapid shifts in the chemical composition of aspen forests. Biol. Invasions. 2007;9:715-22.

  • Bangert RK, Lonsdorf EV, Wimp GM, Shuster SM, Fischer D, Schweitzer JA, Allan GJ, Bailey JK, Whitham TG. Genetic structure of a foundation species: scaling community phenotypes from the individual to the region. Heredity. 2008 Feb 1;100(2):121.

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