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Jack Virostko

Assistant Professor
Center for Computational Oncology
Texas A and M University
United States of America


Dr. Jack Virostko is working at Center for Computational Oncology, University of Texas A & M, USA

Research Interest

I am interested in developing multimodal imaging techniques and integrating them into computational models of cancer development and progression.


  • Virostko J, Radhika A, Poffenberger G, Dula AN, Moore DJ, Powers AC. Bioluminescence imaging reveals dynamics of beta cell loss in the non-obese diabetic (NOD) mouse model. PLoS One. 2013 Mar 6;8(3):e57784.

  • Xiang Y, Qiu Q, Jiang M, Jin R, Lehmann BD, Strand DW, Jovanovic B, DeGraff DJ, Zheng Y, Yousif DA, Simmons CQ. SPARCL1 suppresses metastasis in prostate cancer. Molecular oncology. 2013 Dec 1;7(6):1019-30.

  • Kobukai S, Baheza R, Cobb JG, Virostko J, Xie J, Gillman A, Koktysh D, Kerns D, Does M, Gore JC, Pham W. Magnetic nanoparticles for imaging dendritic cells. Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2010 May 1;63(5):1383-90.

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