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Nichole Rylander

Associate Professor
Center for Computational Oncology
Texas A and M University
United States of America


Dr. Nichole Rylander is working at Center for Computational Oncology, University of Texas A & M, USA

Research Interest

Bioheat transfer, nanotechnology, biomedical optics, tissue engineering and regeneration, and cancer engineering.


  • Feng Y, Oden JT, Rylander MN. A two-state cell damage model under hyperthermic conditions: theory and in vitro experiments. Journal of biomechanical engineering. 2008 Aug 1;130(4):041016.

  • Rylander MN, Feng Y, Bass J, Diller KR. Heat shock protein expression and injury optimization for laser therapy design. Lasers in surgery and medicine. 2007 Oct 1;39(9):731-46.

  • Wang S, Xie W, Rylander MN, Tucker PW, Aggarwal S, Diller KR. HSP70 kinetics study by continuous observation of HSP–GFP fusion protein expression on a perfusion heating stage. Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2008 Jan 1;99(1):146-54.

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