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Venkat Ganesan

Computational Life Sciences and Biology
Texas A and M University
United States of America


Venkat Ganesan obtained his PhD from MIT in 1999 and spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow in the Materials Research Labs at UCSB (1999-2001). He is a recipient of a NSF Career Award, an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship and most recently the Dillon Medal awarded by the American Physical Society. He was also an invited participant at the National Academy of Sciences, Frontiers of Science Symposium (2009)

Research Interest

His research interests focus on developing coarse-grained models and simulations for the prediction of phase behavior of protein-polymer mixtures, protein-polysaccharides, modeling the physics of protein resistant surfaces, structure and phase behavior of random copolymers which mimic biological systems


  • Krekelberg WP, Mittal J, Ganesan V, Truskett TM. Structural anomalies of fluids: Origins in second and higher coordination shells. Physical Review E. 2008 Apr 10;77(4):041201.

  • Surve M, Pryamitsyn V, Ganesan V. Depletion and pair interactions of proteins in polymer solutions. The Journal of chemical physics. 2005 Apr 15;122(15):154901.

  • Krekelberg WP, Mittal J, Ganesan V, Truskett TM. How short-range attractions impact the structural order, self-diffusivity, and viscosity of a fluid. The Journal of chemical physics. 2007 Jul 28;127(4):044502.

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