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Taft E Armandroff

Department of Astronomy
Texas State University
United States of America


Dr.Taft E Armandroff has completed PhD in Astronomy from Yale University and presently working as Professor at University of Tennessee, USA  

Research Interest

Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies, Stellar Populations in the Galaxy and Nearby Galaxies, Globular Clusters, Astronomical Instrumentation  


  • Armandroff TE, Olszewski EW, Pryor C. The mass-to-light ratios of the draco and ursa minor dwarf spheroidal galaxies. I. Radial velocities from multifiber spectroscopy. The Astronomical Journal. 1995 Nov;110:2131.

  • Armandroff TE. The properties of the disk system of globular clusters. The Astronomical Journal. 1989 Feb;97:375-89.

  • Armandroff TE, Zinn R. Integrated-light spectroscopy of globular clusters at the infrared CA II lines. The Astronomical Journal. 1988 Jul;96:92-104.

  • Burris DL, Pilachowski CA, Armandroff TE, Sneden C, Cowan JJ, Roe H. Neutron-capture elements in the early Galaxy: Insights from a large sample of metal-poor giants. The Astrophysical Journal. 2000 Nov 20;544(1):302.

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