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Sidney R. Hemming

Earth and Environmental Sciences
the earth institute columbia university
United States of America

Sidney R. Hemming


Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook 1994 Master of Science Tulane 1986 Bachelor of Science Midwestern 1983 

Research Interest

Geochronology, sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimate, continental crust evolution 


  • Contrasting compositions of Saharan dust in the eastern Atlantic Ocean during the last deglaciation and African Humid Period Cole, J. M.; Goldstein, S. L.; deMenocal, P. B.; Hemming, S. R.; Grousset, F. E. Earth and Planetary Science Letters Volume: 278 Issue: 3-4 p.: 257-266 (2009) doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2008.12.011

  • Evidence for iceberg armadas from East Antarctica in the Southern Ocean during the late Miocene and early Pliocene Williams, T; van de Flierdt, T; Hemming, SR; Chung, E; Roy, M; Goldstein, SL Earth and Planetary Science Letters Volume: 290 p.: 351-361 (2010)

  • Characterizing the sediment provenance of East Antarctica's weak underbelly: The Aurora and Wilkes sub-glacial basins, Pierce Pierce, E.L.; Williams T.; van de Flierdt, T.; Hemming, S.R.; Goldstein, S.L.; Brachfeld, S.A. Paleoceanography Volume: 26 Issue: PA4217 p.: 10.1029/2011PA002127 (2011)

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