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Jingbiao Cui

Department of Physics and Materials Science
The University of Memphis
United States of America


Dr. Cui is Professor and Chair of Physics Department at The University of Memphis. He received Ph.D. degree in Physics from University of Science and Technology of China. Prior to joining UofM, Dr. Cui was a physics faculty at University of Arkansas at Little Rock and served as director of Arkansas Center for Plasmonics Solar Cell Research funded by NSF with $6.67 million. He had been conducting research in a number of world renowned institutions including Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, University of Erlangen, University of Cambridge, and Dartmouth College. He has taught physics courses for both undergraduate and graduate students and advised several Ph.D thesis. Dr. Cui's research has been focused on nanomaterials, nanotechnology and renewable energy.

Research Interest

Our research is mainly focused on nanotechnology, semiconductor materials and their applications in optoelectronics and electronics at the nanometer scale. Nanomaterials of interest include metal oxides (ZnO, Cu2O, FeO, TiO2, MnO and MoO), metal sulfides (CdS, MoS2), carbon (nanotubes, graphene), chalcogenides (CuInxGa1-xS2, Cu2ZnTnS4), and organic polymers. Optical and electrical properties of the nanostructures are studied for device applications, with special interest in renewable energy (nanowire solar cells, charge storage, and hydrogen generation), photonics, detectors, and bio- and chemical sensors.


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  • M.A. Thomas, J. Armstrong, J.B. Cui, "A New Approach Toward Transparent and Conductive ZnO by Atomic Layer Deposition: Hydrogen Plasma Doping", Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A31, 01A130-1/6 (2013).

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