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Thang B. Hoang

Department of Physics and Materials Science
The University of Memphis
United States of America


Dr. Hoang is an experimentalist with a broad research interest in the areas of materials science and nanophotonics. He uses various spectroscopic techniques such as photoluminescence (PL), Raman, time-resolved PL, pump-probe, dark-field scattering analysis to explore optical and electronic properties of materials at reduced dimensions as well as fundamental properties of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale where nanomaterials are integrated with optical platforms.

Research Interest

Prof. Hoang research interests span the broad areas of materials science and nanophotonics. In the area of materials science he is interested in using linear and non-linear optical spectroscopies to study opto-electronic properties of novel materials and structures at the nanoscale, including two dimensional dichalcogenides, semiconductor nanowires and quantum dots. In the areas of nanophotonics , including plasmonics, he is interested in combining the miniaturized dimensions of novel materials with the high speed data rates and enhanced bandwidths achieved by photonic and plasmonic devices. These research fields hold great promises towards the practical implementation of next generation of optoelectronic devices such as high efficiency solar cells and photodetectors, ultra-broadband optical communications, optical processing and sensing.


  • Titova LV, Hoang TB, Jackson HE, Smith LM, Yarrison-Rice JM, Kim Y, Joyce HJ, Tan HH, Jagadish C. Temperature dependence of photoluminescence from single core-shell GaAs–AlGaAs nanowires. Applied Physics Letters. 2006 Oct 23;89(17):173126.

  • Mishra A, Titova LV, Hoang TB, Jackson HE, Smith LM, Yarrison-Rice JM, Kim Y, Joyce HJ, Gao Q, Tan HH, Jagadish C. Polarization and temperature dependence of photoluminescence from zincblende and wurtzite InP nanowires. Applied Physics Letters. 2007 Dec 24;91(26):263104.

  • Akselrod GM, Argyropoulos C, Hoang TB, Ciracì C, Fang C, Huang J, Smith DR, Mikkelsen MH. Probing the mechanisms of large Purcell enhancement in plasmonic nanoantennas. Nature Photonics. 2014 Nov 1;8(11):835-40.

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