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Christina Aiello

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States of America


  Ph.D. Candidate, Ecology, Pennsylvania State University, in progress B.S., Biology, Elmhurst College, 2006

Research Interest

  Population ecology Human impacts Disease dynamics Behavioral ecology Conservation biology


  • Severe mortality of a population of threatened Agassiz’s desert tortoises: the American badger as a potential predator

  • Host contact and shedding patterns clarify variation in pathogen exposure and transmission in threatened tortoise Gopherus agassizii: implications for disease modelling and management, Aiello, Christina M.; Nussear, Kenneth E.; Esque, Todd C.; Emblidge, Patrick G.; Sah, Pratha; Bansal, Shweta; Hudson, Peter J.

  • Inferring social structure and its drivers from refuge use in the desert tortoise, a relatively solitary species, By: Pratha Sah, Kenneth E. Nussear, Todd C. Esque, Christina M. Aiello, Peter J. Hudson, and Shweta Bansal

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