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  M.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Conservation Biology, 2008) Topic: The effects of Atrazine exposure on the symbiotic relationship between spotted salamanders and the algae found in their eggs. “Effects of herbicide exposure on spotted salamander egg masses” MS Thesis B.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Biology, 2006) Major: Resource Biology and Biodiversity

Research Interest

 conservation biology, environmental toxicology, and endocrine disruption.


  • Jenkins, J.A., H.M. Olivier, R.O. Draugelis-Dale, and M.D. Kaller. 2011. Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion Biomonitoring—Prediversion and Postdiversion Freshwater Fish Data: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 604, 5 p.

  • Goodbred, S.L., J.A. Jenkins, R.O. Dale, S.A. Sobiech, C.A. Roberts, T.J. Leiker, H.M. Olivier, and D.A. Alvarez. Director’s approval. Evidence of pesticide-induced endocrine disruption in western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) from the Imperial Valley, California. Science for the Total Environment, in review.

  • Olivier, H.M. and B.R. Moon. 2010. The effects of atrazine on spotted salamander embryos and their symbiotic alga. Ecotoxicology 19:654-661

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