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Andrea Taylor

Basic Sciences
Touro University
United States of America


She is actively involved in the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA), having served on the Student Prize Committee, the Program Committee, and most recently on the Executive Committee. She has completed her PhD from University of Pittsburgh in 1992.

Research Interest

Morphology and biomechanics of the skull, with a particular interest in feeding-system morphology and performance.


  • In vivo bone strain in the mandibular corpus of Sapajus during different oral processing behaviors. Journal of Human Evolution 98:36-65, 2016.

  • Scaling of rotational inertia of primate mandibles. Journal of Human Evolution 106:119-132, 2017.

  • Functional correlates of the position of the axis of rotation of the mandible during chewing in nonhuman primates. Zoology, in review.

  • Fiber type composition of epaxial muscles is geared toward facilitating rapid spinal extension in the leaper, Galago senegalensis. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, in review.

  • The hard-object feeding sooty mangabey does not have jaw-muscle fiber architecture or leverage that facilitates relatively large bite forces compared to other papionins. Anatomical Record. Special Issue: Behavioral adaptations in muscle functional morphology, in review.

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