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Anne-laure Guihur

Regulatory Consultant
science and technology
TSG Technology science group
United States of America

Anne-laure Guihur


 Ms. Anne-Laure Guihur currently focuses on assisting clients with the complex state regulatory issues involving fertilizers, plant and soil amendments, and 25(b) minimum risk pesticides in the United States. For fertilizers and amending materials, Ms. Guihur provides guidance on how formulation, claims and uses can impact a product’s compliance requirements, including the development of labels that satisfy each state’s unique regulatory standards. She also manages and coordinates product registrations and/or licenses and interacts with state agencies on behalf of clients. For 25(b) minimum risk pesticides, Ms. Guihur provides expert guidance on ingredient compliance, assists with label development and review, and prepares and submits applications to the relevant state agencies. Prior to joining Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG), Ms. Guihur worked as a Regulatory Scientist at TSGE, TSG’s European affiliate, where she acted as the project manager for plant protection products, biocides and REACH-related projects. She is experienced with the technical aspects of a product’s registration application, including active ingredients and product chemistry, analytical methods, basic toxicology studies and risk assessments. Ms. Guihur also worked on classification and labeling of substances and mixtures according to the new classification, and labeling and packaging regulation in the EU, which is the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). M  

Research Interest

 Ms. Anne-Laure Guihur has significant experience working with a wide variety of regulatory compliance, product chemistry and toxicological issues for chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers in both Europe and the United States. Her diverse range of skills include managing multi-phased projects in several jurisdictions, preparing human health risk assessments, conducting data completeness checks, assisting with product formulation considerations and obtaining product registrations. Ms. Guihur’s experience also includes research on kinetics and mechanisms for the oxidation of a series of chlorinated compounds under atmospheric conditions, as well as evaluating the impact of industrial pollution on atmospheric particulate levels in air.      

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