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Robert Bledsoe

Lecturer & Professor Emeritus
Political science
University of Central Florida
United States of America


Robert Bledsoe is a Professor Emeritus/Lecturer and Department Undergraduate Coordinator whose teaching areas include public international law, international environmental law, space law, world political geography, and global perspectives. His PhD is from the University of Florida and he opened the Department when the University began operation in 1968, rising through the promotional ranks until his retirement in 2003, during which time he served in various faculty/administrative capacities including Department Chair and Interim Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. He published in various academic journals and coauthored two books as well as presented papers at numerous regional/national/international professional conferences. During his tenure at UCF, he was the recipient of seven college and university teaching and advising awards as well a University Faculty Leadership Award. He returned to full-time teaching at UCF in 2007. 

Research Interest

International Law, Military Budget Process, Defense Policy Issues. 


  • “Foreign Affairs Coverage in Elite and Mass Periodicals.” Journalism Quarterly, LIX, #3 (Autumn 1982). [coauthored]

  • “Vietnam: Asia’s Next Little Tiger?” The Political Chronicle, XI, #1 (Spring 1999).

  • “Advising Pre-Law Students in Florida. Counterpoint: Affirmative Action.” The Political Chronicle, XI, #2 (Fall 1999).

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