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Cathleen Christine Stough

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
University of Cincinnati
United States of America


Cathy Stough is a pediatric psychologist with clinical and research interest in child eating behaviors, nutrition, and obesity. Her past research has examined eating behaviors among children with autism spectrum disorder and evaluation of outcomes of family-based weight management programs for children and adolescents. She is particularly interested in weight management and eating behaviors of young children, including preschoolers, toddlers, and infants.

Research Interest

Her current research projects are focused on whether child appetite characteristics (e.g., satiety responsiveness, food responsiveness) and parental feeding behaviors (e.g., using food to calm the child) or beliefs (e.g., fear of the child being underweight) predict high weight-for-length percentiles during infancy (a risk factor for future obesity). Additionally, Dr. Stough is investigating whether infants with high weight-for-length display delays in obtainment of developmental milestones (e.g., delayed motor skills).


  • Odar Stough, C., Poppert Cordts, K., Dreyer Gillette, M. L., Borner, K., Dean, K., Hampl, S., Peugh, J., & Davis, A. M. (In Press). Caregiver hope and child outcomes following pediatric weight management programs. Children's Health Care.

  • Nabors, Odar Stough, C., Peugh, J., Merianos, A. L., Cunningham, J., & Yockey, R. A. (In Press). Adolescents’ flourishing in relation to having asthma: Results from a population-based cross-sectional study. Journal of Asthma.

  • Pona, A. A., Dreyer Gillette, M. L., Odar Stough, C., Gerling, J. K., & Sweeney, B. R. (In Press). Long-term outcomes of a multidisciplinary weight management intervention for youth with special needs. Childhood Obesity.

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