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Purcell Taylor Jr

Department of Psychiatry
University of Cincinnati
United States of America


Research interests of Purcell Taylor include stress and its psycho physiological effects and phenomenology. Dr Taylor is also interested in the treatment of chemical dependency, sex offenders, HIV?AIDS and their victims. Also cyber sex among college students and the development of chemical dependency screening instruments.

Research Interest

Substance Abuse and Sexual Violence Dr. Taylor’s current research investigation is on Psychiatric and Demographic Features of Youthful Sex Offenders, Juvenile Sex Offender Risk Assessment, Gain Framing with HIV/AIDS Victims, Cognitive Decline with HIV/AIDS Victims, Cerebral Hemovelocity Changes Associated with the TAT Pictures System in Sex Offender, Demographic Profiling of Ohio Registered Male and Female Sex Offenders,Public Health Education Connects Common and Scientific Discourses of Tattoos and Development of a Risk Assessment Instrument for the identification of College Students at risk for cybersex activities.


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