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Robert M. Stutz

Department of Psychiatry
University of Cincinnati
United States of America


Robert Stutz is interested in psychological and vocational assessment, especially the psychometric predictors of vocational success in disabled persons. His teaching interests include topics related to the biological bases of behavior. Courses include: Broken Brains, Introduction to Psychobiology, Abnormal Psychology.

Research Interest

Psychological & vocational assessment. Psychometric predictors of vocational success in disabled persons.


  • Tsang, W K, & Stutz, R M (1984). Subject control as a determinant of the reinforcing properties of intracranial stimulation. Physiology & behavior, 32(5), 795-802.

  • D. Asdourian (1965). Positively reinforcing brain shock as a CS in the acquisition and extinction of a shuttle box avoidance response. Psychonomic Science, 3, 191-192.

  • I. Lewin & K. W. Rocklin (1965). Generality of "drive decay" as an exploratory concept. Psychonomic Science, 2, 127-128.

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