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Stephen M Strakowski

Department of Psychiatry
University of Cincinnati
United States of America


DR. STEPHEN STRAKOWSKI is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the UCCOM; he also serves as Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning for UC Health. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S.E. in 1984 and Alpha Omega Alpha from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine with an M.D in 1988. He completed his residency training at McLean Hospital/Harvard University School of Medicine in 1992. Upon completing residency, he moved to the University of Cincinnati as an Assistant Professor, where he has remained and has been promoted to his current positions. He has received a number of awards, most notably the Gerald L. Klerman Award from the NDMDA. He has over 250 peer-reviewed publications and a number of chapters, published abstracts and solicited reviews.

Research Interest

Psychiatry/Psychology, Mood Disorders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Psychotic Disorders


  • Strakowski, S. M., Fleck, D. E., DelBello, M. P., Adler, C. M., Shear, P. K., Kotwal, R., & Arndt, S. (2010). (In Press). Impulsivity across the course of bipolar disorder.. Bipolar Disorders, 12 (3), 285-97.

  • Strawn, J. R., Adler, C. M., Fleck, D. E., Hanseman, D., Maue, D. K., Bitter, S., Kraft, E. M., Geracioti, T. D., Strakowski, S. M., & DelBello, M. P. (2010). (In Press). Post-traumatic stress symptoms and trauma exposure in youth with first episode bipolar disorder.. Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 4 (2), 169-73.

  • Gara, M. A., Vega, W. A., Lesser, I., Escamilla, M., Lawson, W. B., Wilson, D. R., Fleck, D. E., & Strakowski, S. M. (2010). (In Press). The role of complex emotions in inconsistent diagnoses of schizophrenia.. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 198 (9), 609-13.

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