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Ian Mertes

Assistant Professor
Department of Speech and Hearing Science
University of Illinois at urbana champaign
United States of America

Ian Mertes


He has done his Ph.D./Au.D., Speech and Hearing Science/Audiology; University of Iowa, 2014. Currently he is an Assistant Professor in Department of Speech and Hearing Science at University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, Champaign, IL

Research Interest

Dr. Mertes studies the ascending and descending auditory pathways in individuals with normal hearing and with hearing loss. He uses a combination of otoacoustic emissions, auditory electrophysiology, and perceptual measures. The long-term of goals of his research program are to determine how sound perception is driven by the interconnections between the peripheral and central auditory systems, to delineate the effect of hearing loss on these interconnections, and to determine the impact of potential treatments such as auditory training when these interconnections are impaired.


  • Weissbeck D K , Mertes I B , Lewis JD, Goodman SS, Marler J (2012) A bootstrapping approach to detect TEOAE suppression in i ndividual subjects. Bulletin of the American Auditory Society 37 (1):64

  • Stanziola RW, Mertes IB , Goodman SS, Lewis JD (2014) Relationship between the medial olivocochlear reflex, attention, and hearing in noise. Bulletin of the American Auditory Society 39 (1) :25

  • Mertes IB , Leek MR (2016) Comparison of ASSRs and TEOAEs for measuring MOC function in humans. Association for Research in Otolaryngology Abstracts 39 :203 - 204

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