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Laura J. Hahn

Assistant Professor
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
University of Illinois at urbana champaign
United States of America

Laura J. Hahn


She is an Assistant Prof essor in department of  Speech and Hearing Sciences at University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign.

Research Interest

Dr. Hahn's research focuses on early social, cognitive, and communicative development in infants and young children with neurogenetic disorders (e.g., Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Williams syndrome) and autism spectrum disorders. Her work examines syndrome-specific patterns of early development and developmental trajectories.


  • Hahn, L. J. , Fidler, D. J., & Hepburn, S. (2014). Adaptive behavior and problem behavior in young children with Williams Syndrome. American Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 119 (1) , 43 - 63 . doi: 10.1352/1944 - 7558 - 119.1.49

  • Hepburn, S. L., Fidler, D., Hahn, L. , & Philofsky, A. (2011). Social - perceptual and social - cognitive skills i n young children with Williams syndrome: Evidence for discontinuity. International Research Review in Intellectual Disabilities, 40, 181 - 210

  • Fidler, D. J., Lunkenheimer, E., & Hahn, L . (2011). Emerging behavioral phenotypes and dynamic systems theory. International Research Review in Intellectual Disabilities, 40, 17 - 42

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