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Raksha Anand Mudar

Assistant Professor
Department of Speech and Hearing Science
University of Illinois at urbana champaign
United States of America


She has done her Ph.D., Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Texas at Dallas, 2008. currently she is an Assistant Professor in Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Illinois University.

Research Interest

Dr. Mudar investigates the effects of normal cognitive aging and brain diseases including Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's disease, and frontotemporal dementia on higher order semantic functions. She uses a combination of behavioral methods, event-related potentials, and functional magnetic resonance imaging in her research.


  • Chapman, S. B., & Mudar, R. A . (2013). Discourse g ist: A window into the brain’s complex cognitive capacity. Discourse Studies , 15 (5) , 515 - 529

  • Chiang, H., Motes, M. A., Mudar, R. A . , Rao, N. K., Mansinghani, S., Brier, M. R., Maguire, M. J., Kraut, M. A., & Hart, J. (2013). Semantic processin g and response inhibition. NeuroReport , 24 (16) , 889 - 893

  • Hart, J., Maguire, M., Motes, M., Mudar, R. A. , Chiang, H., Womack, K., & Kraut, M. A. (2013). Semantic memory retrieval circuit: Role of BA6 and thalamus. Brain and Language , 26 (1) , 89 - 98.

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