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Sung J. Kim

Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Miami
United States of America


Sung Jin Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and jointly appointed in the Department of Pathology. He is also an affiliated member of Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute of University of Miami (BioNIUM). He received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2008. Since he joined UM in 2010, he has contributed to building the BioNIUM cleanroom facility for nano/micro device fabrication, and this core facility plays an important role to initiate interdisciplinary collaborative researches in UM. Dr. Kim’s research focuses on Nanophotonics for energy and sensing applications. He uses engineered nanostructures and novel nanomaterials for novel optoelectronic devices. Recently he invented a novel plasmonic device, Plasmon Field Effect Transistor. This transformative nanotechnology-based sensing device offers robust and highly sensitive detection for biomolecules. He is conducting a NSF-funded research for the point-of-care cancer diagnosis by collaborating other UM faculty in Pathology and Urology departments. He also developed a real-time personal air quality monitoring system for various biomedical and clinical research. He and Dr. Kumar (Public Health Sciences) awarded a NIH R01 grant to study Dry Eye syndrome with this newly developed sensing system.

Research Interest

Nanophotonics for Biomedical Applications (sensing, imaging), Solution Processed Nanometral/Nanostructured Devices for Energy and Sensors


  • Shokri Kojori, H., Yun, J., Paik, Y., Kim, J., Anderson, W. A., Kim, S. (2015).Plasmon Field Effect Transistor for Plasmon to Electric Conversion and Amplification. Nano Letters, 16, 250-254.

  • Paik, Y., Shokri Kojori, H., Kim, S. (2016).Ferroelectric devices using lead zirconate titanate (PZT) nanoparticles.. Nanotechnology, 27, 75204.

  • Yun, S., Paik, Y., Kim, S., Kim, D., Ji, T., Shin, J. (2016).High efficiency AZO-InP nanopillar-based heterojunction solar cells. Current Applied Physics, 16, 726-730.

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