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Tracy Juliao

Lecturer II
United States of America

Tracy Juliao


Dr. Juliao is a fully licensed health psychologist specializing in mind body and integrative health care approaches. She owns Total Health & Wellness Associates, PLLC originally of Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Two additional locations have been added in New Baltimore and Birmingham, with a fourth location slated to open in 2016.  Dr. Juliao works from the premise that in order to understand individuals and their presenting concerns, it is important to gain an understanding of the physical, psychological, social contexts within which individuals function. In Dr. Juliao’s clinical work with clients, she focuses on building upon individual’s inherent strengths, improving well being, and emphasizing the interconnections between the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Juliao has worked with children, adults, and families in various settings for the past 20 years. Special areas of interest for Dr. Juliao include providing client education and clinical support services regarding lifestyle change and improved health and performance. She regularly collaborates with colleagues from various specialties to help clients to overcome fears and address physical and mental challenges, including issues related to athletic performance, weight management, chronic pain management, self-management of chronic illness, and adjustment to temporary and permanent life changing events. 

Research Interest

Research interests include integrative medicine, weight management, pain management, lifestyle change, and micronutrients as related to physical and mental health.


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