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Ray Blush

Clinical Assistant Professor
Health Behavior and Biological Sciences
University of Michigan
United States of America


Ray's teaching role in dually-faceted in that he has had the opportunity to work with graduate nurse practitioner students in the classroom as well as in acute care clinical settings. As a classroom instructor, Ray leads several seminar classes as well as specific lectures with some examples of classroom content being a wound repair lab with hands on practice and x-ray and EKG interpretation. From a clinical vantage point, Ray has had the opportunity to evaluate graduate students in their precepted clinical sites as well as directly precept students in the clinical setting. Starting in 2017 he has led a global clinical immersion experience in an acute care setting in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Research Interest

·         Emergency department care ·         Acute care settings ·         Patient-clinician communication Ray Blush is an Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner who has grounded his career in emergency and observation settings. Because of his experience in this field, Ray has been part of teams that develop observation units, bringing forth the much valued nurse/medical provider standpoint. Additionally, he has developed an evidence-based practice focused on the care of patients in these settings, which he enjoys sharing with students whom he works with previously in the emergency department and now medical observation settings.  


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