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Arika L. Hoffman

Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery
University of Nebraska Medical Center
United States of America

Arika L. Hoffman


Dr. Arika L. Hoffman is an assistant Professor of surgery in the Department of surgery, University of Nebraska Medical Center which is located in omaha,Nebraska,United States of America.

Research Interest

Dr. Arika L. Hoffman Research interests include pediatric transplantation and pediatric hypertension with research interests in surgical outcomes in frail transplant patients with plans to explore how aspects of frailty, including sarcopenia, vulnerability to chronic disease and functional capacity affect outcomes in pediatric transplant population.


  • Peck-Hoffman AL, Locke JE, Deierhoi R, DuBay, D White J, Eckhoff D, Gray S. Modified frailty index is associated with 30-day mortality in liver recipients. Am J. Transplant, 2014. 2014 (Suppl 3): 751.

  • Peck AL, Abouljoud M, Antoine H, Bruno D, Yoshida A, Schinickel G. Downstaging hepatocellular carcinoma: an elevation of explant pathology and outcomes. Am J. Transplant, 2013. 13 (Supple 2):90.

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